BCU Computer Coding Class

Posted : November 24, 2015 | Author : Tek Neopany
Cotopaxi Training Youth
Photo Courtesy: Matt McArthur, Senior Developer at Cotopaxi with the Bhutanese refugee youth.

From September 2015 BCU youth of age ranging from 13 to 24 are receiving special technological skills facilitated by Stephan Jacob and Matt McArthur, (Senior Developer at Cotopaxi, taking a photo with the Bhutanese refugees involved in a state-wide skills-based volunteer initiative focused on teaching computer science).

An average of thirteen youth are benefiting from this twenty week program. After graduating from each semester, youths will be awarded with certificate of completion and another advance course will be provided. The best performer(s) will be given an opportunity to be internship. This program was launched in collaboration with Refugee Service Office, DWS. RSO personnel, Mr. Michael, Community Resource Specialist, Mr. Gyanu Dulal, Granite School District Refugee Student Support, Mr. Chandra Sapkota (CP) and BCU Secretary/Project Coordinator, Mr. Tek Neopany are coordinating this program. Mr. CP is playing a significant role in arranging youth in the class by motivating in the school and apartments.

For more details visit: https://blog.cotopaxi.com/livelihoods-volunteerism/

The last computer coding class at Utah State University (USU) will be November 21 and regular classes will be commenced at Meadowbrook Campus, 3900 South 250 West, Refugee Education/Training Center effective from November 28, 2015. The BCU extends its sincere thanks and expresses its heartfelt gratitude to USU for generously providing space for community developmental programs.