Bhutanese Cultural Club of Utah - Dance Class

This Arts Class Project is funded by Utah Arts and Museums for six month period, managed by Bhutanese Cultural Club and total backup by BCU Board of Directors and community for the upliftment of youngster's artistic skills, confidence, preservation and promotion of Bhutanese Cultural Identity and is under BCU's jurisdiction. The project commenced from January 16, 2016 and will end on May 14, 2016. Even after the first batch closes, choreographers will continue to help respective group for event performances. The following personnel for the club were approved by the Board of Directors.

1. Cultural Club Personnel :

a) Program Manager: Tek Neopany:

He is overall responsible for managing the project including coordination with community leaders, agencies, sponsors, administration, personnel management, reporting, financial accounting, planning, developing programs, project documenting, staffing, system thinking, idea generating, grants writing and compliance.

b) Choreographers: Ms. Krishna Khanal and Ms. Sandhya Kafley:

Choreographers are responsible for instructing young children for dance, controlling, guiding, resolve problems, counseling, motivating, creating conducive environment for dance,participate in planning, events organization and prepare students for events.

c) Support Staff: Narad Sapkota:

He started helping this project as volunteers for more than three months. Based on his commitment, dedication and quality service performances, he has been upgraded as Support Staff. He is responsible for coordinating with parents to ensure students' participation in the project, arranging meetings, system thinking, idea generating, providing

transportation if needed and ensuring proper carryout of classroom activities.

d) Technical Assistant: Abinash Neopany:

Based on his creativity, interest and commitment, he has been given this position to help Choreographer (s) to play music on music player, ensure music arrangement, charge

and make music players ready for the classes, downloading appropriate songs, editing, prepare songs for the dance whenever required and help dancers in proper lines during dance practice. He is paid a basic minimum wage.